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p j symes (Peter Symes) is a publisher of books and articles on world paper money. Researching various aspects of world paper money, the results are published in books and articles. Many articles, including those listed on the linked pages, have been published in the International Bank Note Society Journal. To learn more about the books available for sale, please browse the pages by using the hyperlinks. The articles are freely available from the 'Articles' link below. Comments and requests for information can be sent via the address on the 'contact page'.

The two books on Thomas Horton James have little to do with paper money, and indicate a new endeavour of the author.

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Articles on world bank notes written by Peter Symes. Over 100 articles are freely available for private study.  
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Thomas Horton James, The Life of X. Y. Z. and Confections of Thomas Horton James Peter Symes, 260 and 200 pages, US$60.00.
The Bank Notes of Yemen Peter Symes, Murray Hanewich and Keith Street. 180 pages, B&W illustrations, US$35.00.
The Bank Notes of Katanga Peter Symes. 85 pages, B&W illustrations, US$30.00.
The Decimal Banknotes of New Zealand 1967 - 2000; The Paper Issues Scott de Young. 122 pages, B&W illustrations, US$45.00.
Kirkwood & Sons - Copper-plate Engravers Peter Symes. 110 pages, B&W illustrations, US$22.00.